Update: one more extravagant daughter anne, c 1775

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Update: one more extravagant daughter anne, c 1775

Great instruction! I'm reminded of Lord Grantham's collection of snuff boxes on Downton Abbey. And of course the sneezing afterwards. I've been fascinated by snuff boxes ever since reading about them in a Georgette Heyer novel which featured poison snuff in the plot.

I like the ones with scenes on them but then I like patch boxes like that too! Oh and immoderate laughter in response to Andrew's comment! I've just recently found your blog, read through many of your older posts and am having a ball here.

Just wondering what snuff actually was? Was it like chewing tobacco or like cocaine?

Biography of Annie Dillard by Bob Richardson

I always assumed it was chewing tobacco -- I had no idea it was snuffed up the nose -- though I should have reasoned that out Snuff is dried, powdered tobacco, sniffed through the nose.

But it never completely disappeared. The little Shire pamphlet has all kinds of interesting tidbits like this.

update: one more extravagant daughter anne, c 1775

Keep your handkerchief at the ready. Wipe your nose.

Heritage Minutes: Jim Egan

Or at least that was my experience with the nasty stuff. Here's the picture! I agree with Andrew, this one is really hideous. But the one Arianne linked is gorgeous! I read mostly fantasy rather than historical fiction, though there is a lot of overlap in the worldbuilding Very interesting.

Very informative post! I'm glad I found this blog. I've always wondered what snuff was, and you've not only answered that but also pointed out what style of snuffbox I would have owned--one with a dog on it.

Love the information on taking snuff. This box is a bit over embellished for my liking, i prefer the geometric shaped antique silver snuff boxes. I'm sure this will appeal to someone though. Post a Comment. Two Nerdy History Girls. Tuesday, January 24, The fine art of taking snuff Tuesday, January 24, January 24, at AM Andrew Schroeder said That snuff box Looks like someone threw up all over it.

January 24, at AM Sandra Brake said January 24, at AM Susan Elliott said January 24, at AM Lil said I've been trying to think, when did snuff drop out of fashion?

January 24, at AM LorettaChase saidTo John Blair, January 31st. To Colonel Stanwix, March 4th. To Brigadier-General Stanwix, April 10th. Congratulates him on his promotion—Asks to be recommended to General Forbes—An early campaign expedient—Indians and their mercenary characters—The place of rendezvous.

To Major Francis Halket, April 12th. To the President of the Council, April 17th. Accidental shooting of some soldiers—Needs of the regiment—Resignation of Joshua Lewis, and promotions incident to it—Appointment of a chaplain. To Sir John St. Clair, April 18th. To the President of the Council, April 24th. To the President of the Council, May 4th. To Major Francis Halket, May 11th. No prisoners taken by friendly Indians this season—Cherokees moving to Virginia—Trickery of the Raven warrior—Importance of the Indians.

To the President of the Council, May 28th. Steenbugen—Fort Loudoun—The ranging company—Indians and desertions. To General Forbes, June 19th.

Unfortunate arrival of Cherokees—Necessity of Indians, and their utility—Agent should be sent to Cherokee nation with presents—Indians at Duquesne. To Governor Fauquier, June 19th. March of Prince William militia—Short of men and of arms—Expence.

To Colonel Henry Bouquet, July 3d. Has marched from Winchester—Question of forage—Maryland forces and stores—Drawing of provisions by servants—Tools and men scarce—How forts were garrisoned—Clothes—Indian dress recommended. To Colonel Bouquet, July 7th. Arrival of Col. To Colonel Bouquet, July 13th. To Colonel Bouquet, July 16th.

To Colonel Bouquet, July 19th. To Colonel Bouquet, July 21st. Will not attend election at Winchester—Progress on the road—Asks to be among the first to go forward—Covers for locks. To Colonel Bouquet, July 25th.

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Second convoy of wagons—Offers his views on the road—No tolerable road from Rays Town—Provisions—Commissaries at fault—Returns of forces. To Gabriel Jones, July 29th. Thanks him for assistance at election—Backwardness of expedition—Conference on road.

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To Colonel James Wood, July —. To Colonel Bouquet, —. Considerations on a proposed expedition—Provisions—Attack in the woods of little advantage.There's been an interesting discussion over on my Facebook page about the ermine trim on the mother's pelisse. I'm going to post the comments below - with due credit, of course! I would venture Mom is trying to pull off ermine with dyed rabbit or another less expensive fur.

Actually just found a reference to " spotted ermine knapt coatings"Boston News Letter,so the trim could possible also be a cloth? So y'think country Mom is trying to be pretentious, too? Or maybe pelisse is left from her own stylish youth? It seems like it must be there for some "purpose" esp since it's in none of the other similar prints.

Ermine itself is commonly advertised here in the colonies for cloak trimming so it could be exactly what it looks like, ermine. Found some references to grey ermine, spotted with red and spotted with black, all cloak trimmings, there are hundreds of these ads, so a popular and available choice, not sure of the price point.

The plush faux-fur was common enough that I think it wasn't all that upscale. But it may have had "country-folk" associations which are lost on us. Anyone skilled at setting snares would have been able to obtain "luxurious" fur for trimming or lining garments. Papa might be a gamekeeper, or a dedicated vermin-killer protecting the family chicken coop. What springs to my mind is that the mother's ermine pelisse is the last reminder of her own youth and the things she did to afford her comfortable retirement in the country!

And she has the cheek to be shocked that her daughter has done exactly the same thing to set herself up Post a Comment. Two Nerdy History Girls. January 21, at PM Hallie Larkin said January 21, at PM Sharon Burnston said January 21, at PM Chris Woodyard saidAs most have figured out by now, those headlines were wrong and misleading.

This is the only body that can speak officially for The United Methodist Church. Therefore, petitions and proposals are sent in for consideration. Among those are several plans aimed at ending the impasse over issues related to human sexuality. This Protocol was worked out by an unofficial group of 16 people, each representing progressive, centrist and traditional groups. The Protocol is one more attempt to resolve our impasse and move us towards a future of vitality in serving Christ.

It is a proposal, not a decision. That is where the headlines got it wrong. Nothing has been decided because General Conference has not yet met. The Protocol is being studied in order to understand its implications.

Task Force members also watched a one-hour livestream presentation by the group that designed the proposal. We recognize that the Protocol is a mediated compromise among representatives of several groups. After hours of reflection, filled with recognition of pros and cons, the Task Force members concluded that this Protocol is a viable proposal and could be a catalyst to end the impasse and propel us into a vital future. Therefore, the Task Force is doing scenario planning around each option available to us in the Protocol.

This work will be presented to the Leadership Forum in April, along with a recommendation for a process that would enable the South Georgia Conference to write our own story by choosing the option that best enables us to remain Alive Together as an annual conference.

The Leadership Forum will decide what to recommend to the annual conference and what to recommend as a timeline to be followed. The goal would be to avoid a hasty decision after General Conference and to provide adequate time for each of our churches to fully participate in the decision-making process through their elected laity and clergy representatives.

Madame du Barry

In all of its deliberations, the Task Force is mindful of the strong desire to maintain our unity as an annual conference and our global connectional identity with as many other Methodists as possible. To foster honest communication, please use this link to ask any question for which you would like more information. The work of the Leadership Forum Task Force is not being done in isolation. The Task Force is collaborating with other groups: the laity and clergy delegates to General Conference, the Cabinet, and the Compass Group.

Plans also include opportunities for communication with laity and clergy through video updates and in-person presentations.

Even as this work proceeds, I ask us all to remember that what each community in South Georgia really needs is an enthusiastic, hope-filled, disciple-making Methodist church. Will it be a story of radical hospitality, passionate worship, intentional faith development, risk-taking mission and service, and extravagant generosity?

Help your members discover their spiritual gifts, bless them, and then unleash them in your community as well as in the congregation. We get to choose our own future. God has placed us here to spread the blessings of John Wesley and the Methodist movement.

update: one more extravagant daughter anne, c 1775

No denominational conference can do that for us. So the question is: what story is the Holy Spirit nudging us to write in ? Helpful Links.How fascinating to read about this pineapple 'fashion moment'. I think this might be one of your best posts! I love the dress, the info about the purse, the link to the zoomable picture and the knitting instructions! I'm not a very skilled knitter, and fortunately I'm not fond of the colour yellow, so I won't frustrate myself with attempting the pattern.

All these sources of information tied together like this is still very satisfying.

Speech audio files

Thank you, Shelley - glad you enjoyed the post. But since often Ravelry links don't work for those who aren't a member, I didn't include it here - though it is fun to see how many other intrepid knitters have made pineapples of their own. I also see that there was a crocheted version published several years ago by Rowan that is now sadly out of print Funny how often non-needlework folks confuse the two crafts Intriguing as the pineapple reticule is, it's the shawl I want!

Actually, the entire ensemble is perfect. Now that I've completed two stocking caps, I wonder if I'm ready to knit a pineapple reticule? I am nowhere near competent to knit this. I may however have to see if I can't figure out how to do something similar in crochet If I liked yellow or green, I would try to improve upon the modern pattern, at the very least knitting in with lace yarn. The shawl, however, is a possibility. Very interesting post.

update: one more extravagant daughter anne, c 1775

Have you seen the current issue of Piecework magazine? It The Historical Knitting Issue, appropriately enough includes photos of two antique pineapple purses and instructions for an adaptation made in silk thread. I imagine it would be even more challenging than Ms Gancedo's pattern.

I love the comments when I write a knitting-related blog - there's not a knitter now or in who can't resist imagining a modification here, a change of colors or gauge there Pretty cool! Chalk it up to cosmic pineapple synchronicity - I got the idea for this post after a conversation about the Kyoto example with the Colonial Williamsburg mantua-makers at Christmas. Perhaps we're on the verge of another mega-pineapple-moment in fashion I had one of these made two years ago!

It is admired wherever I go :. My theory on the etymology of reticule is that its root is reticulum, the first 2 definitions of which are: 1. A netlike formation or structure; a network. Zoology The second compartment of the stomach of ruminant mammals, lined with a membrane having honeycombed ridges. Best regards!

update: one more extravagant daughter anne, c 1775

There are directions for another version of the pineapple back in the new online issue of Knitty. Post a Comment. Two Nerdy History Girls. January 9, at AM Freyalyn said I love that bag, so cool. January 9, at AM SusannahC said January 9, at PM Anonymous saidShe had read an earlier version of this paper, and became interested in the mysteries. She gave me new information on the Holts, which is reflected in the following. Bonnie gave me the genealogy of the relevant Holt line. Robert HoltImmigrant, born England.

Richard HoltImmigrant, born England. Plunkett Harroway HoltVA. Ambrose HoltVA. While we have a general idea how this came about, there are a number of loose ends. However, given shared geography and time, it is quite possible. I will not spend much time on the HOLT part of their genealogy - any researcher will have little difficulty finding more information on ancestry.

No, of course we do not have a sample of Edward's DNA — he died inmore than years ago! But we have sampled a large number of his descendants, and given the degree and nature of the matches we can confidently say that several of the tested people have Edward's EXACT DNA profile. This match was a surprise to all parties, but given the opportunities for COFFEY relationships, this leaves little doubt.

Beyond the year and place, they have no solid information on Jack's ancestry. This is now in modern Caldwell County, but was part of Wilkes until So the opportunity for an undocumented family relationship certainly existed.

Further, the DNA probability statistics tell us something.

How to write an email asking for technical support

I particularly favored Nelly as possibly Jack's mother. In the census she was a widow with a son of about the right age, and some sources said her husband William died before Jack was born in Bonnie Everhart conforms this is the right family.

However she seems to think that William was still alive when Jack was born. Joel had sons Joel Jr. Most important, land records suggest Joel and his son Cleveland had a property line shared with the Holt family, as follows:.

Absherare sources. HOLT Line". And the DNA test on a descendant of W.It seems to me that there's a limit to how much trouble you could get in with that cumbersome hair. What a fun and interesting post. I think that the man in the background is next to a sedan chair - one of the poles of it protrudes forward of Mama's skirt.

He is lifting the roof to accommodate the towering wigs, but also to allow access to the chair. The roof of a sedan chair may lift so that one can stand up whilst getting in and out. One of the prints from Hogarth's series 'The Rake's Progress' shows a sedan chair with such a roof. It seems to me that this sedan chair pole man is also having a good oogle at Ann!

Interesting that Ann is so tall even if you don't take her enormous hair into account. She looks taller than the Macaroni, even. At first I blamed the heels, but nowadays it's considered somewhat emasculating if you're taller than your beau even in heels. I guess they didn't feel the same about height back then.

I'm with the modern interpretation. Susan, "Love Joy" - snort. Your comments about the print are hysterical. I really enjoy the daily blog. Love that Ann appears to be wearing a knit bed jacket basically a cardigan. Congratulations to everyone who spotted the sedan chair. Of course that's what it is - I just didn't "see" it originally, wrongly interpreting the window as an isolated element, and then trying to make it into something it wasn't.

That's what I deserve for trying to resuscitate my ancient art history chops. Granted, the artist isn't the most accomplished, either - anyone else notice the fun-house distortion of the bricks in the house?

And yes, Christina, one hopes that at some point, this couple shed their wigs!

Connect to a deeper family story.

Anonymous, it IS a cynical interpretation - but it's good to remember that prints like this one would more likely end up pinned to the wall of a tavern than framed in a drawing room. Georgian England was not a sentimental place, and their ideas of morality were not necessarily the same as ours.

Diagram of apple flower diagram base website apple flower

And as Loretta and I were discussing, we figure the Mom here is probably only in her 40s! Different times, indeed. Isobel, I noticed Ann's bed jacket, too - not something I've ever seen in a print, either.

Post a Comment. Two Nerdy History Girls. January 19, at AM Ana said It seems to me that he is holding open the door to a carriage for the pair, kind of like a taxi. January 19, at AM Unknown said January 19, at AM Keri said January 19, at AM Anonymous said January 19, at AM Vicky Dreiling said January 19, at AM Isobel Carr said


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