Satmar bnei brak

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Satmar bnei brak

In addition to all the other gidolim he met, he also went to the house of the great gaon, Rabbi Moshe Landau, chief Rabbi of Bnei Brak, he was also lots of kovod by the chasunah.

Does this mean that he also want wants to be friends with Lubavitch?? Which Rabbi should he visit? According to Meshichisten! Or the one that is interned in queens? You see todros there is a problem with Lubavitch!! Why was the whole visit so secretive until the last day, is the anything to be embarrassed with it?

There was tens of thousends of people from all stripes and colors and hats and Shtrimels. A Shabbos like last Shabbos we never had here in Bnei Brak! The Climax at the Motsai shhabbas outside on the streets is something that we will never forget!!!!! I hope he comes again soon because my kids really enjoyed it. It is amazing how much the Satmars wan to think that they are the center of the universe.

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The description above is absolutely false, it is as fake as one can imagine. Most benei torah were applaud by the hype, that did not produce any decency or modesty. The rebe is well known to must benei torah to be a bully, that does not respect another human being. Not even his own father.

Most people could not care less what he is doing, and were making sure the kids did not go there. Hashem yarachem.

Head of Satmar Hasidic sect castigates followers for admiring Israel, IDF

Does everybody the hatred from the Zalis? Anon pm why are you ranting? Why the hatred? I will answer you in the next message. The answer is very Simple! The crowds are not stupid!! More to follow…. So the guys who supposedly won everything! Millions in real estate are still ranting! When the guy who supposedly LOST everything gets mobbed by thousends of people whereever he goes its because the people finally realize what happened here!!

Is full of Torah!!! I am trying to find the vedeo of the Beglatin but can not find it. Chassisdim today is nothing but a fashion fad. Walking around wearing more fur than my wife does!

Anan AM, you can find some videos on google, here is a link to one of them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery.

Recover your password.The girls arrived at the site as part of an official tour of the seminar, after a planned visit to another site was canceled at the last minute for technical reasons, and they stayed there for a while.

The report also states that at the end of the week, official letters of protest were planned to appear in Israel and the United States pertaining to the visit, but they were shelved before they appeared due to a clarification and apology issued by the Satmar institution in Bnei Brak.

In the letter of clarification and apology, the community administration in Bnei Brak claims that the girls of the seminar happened there by mistake and left it immediately upon realizing what the venue is.

As always when traveling with students, the teachers went ahead to check towards determining the suitability of the venue. When they arrived, during the evening hours, they were brought inside towards determining suitability. They did not see any trace of the unclean army and the like. I feel unbelievable disgust for these ungrateful animals! They make kamtza and bar kamtza look like amateurs.

As for soldiers helping the girls, encourage it. I was in Latrun this week The main building is almost surrounded by rows of tanks Hard to miss, even at night Someone is fibing to try and keep their job. These guys are sick puppies. Boruch Hashem we have Satmar standing up for kovod shomayim like no one else.

We all make mistakes and I am happy that the BB kehillah apologized for this unfortunate turn of events. To Moshe I feel sorry for you that you missed the boat! A good friend of mine was there when this group arrived. None of them had any idea where they were and they left quite quickly but in the time they were there the girls, or at least most of them, really enjoyed themselves.

Several soldiers talked to them and a good time was had by all except the teachers who were screaming in Yiddish to the girls. I heard it was really very amusing. Almost as funny as the apology letter in Ivrit!

Thanks Satmar! Where were the phony so-called Charedie Knesset members? Satmar is so terrified that their next generation will not adopt the same sinas chinom that they embody and represent. Curiosity: Their next generation will be as strong in their hashkafos.

And the next generation will be far bigger than the current generation. The reality is, the overwhelming majority of the Satmar community do not accept R. The story beggars belief. An interesting thought. AfterHashem will show us how the world would have been had their shita been held. Now all the girls of satmer will go and join the holy Israel army instead of the boys I am sending all my daughters to satmer so the boys can roam the streets of beni berk and call that learning.

Oh does Hashem have a sense of humor. I hear Neturei Karta is going there next week for an outing. Santa Maria chasidus seems terrified of what will happen if their young future haters will meet some real Jews.

A hashkafic foundation based on hate and zilzul is not Yiddishkeit. Log in to leave a comment.In the years preceding the petira of the rav, tension developed between him and the administration of the mosdos and various community askanim, who wanted the rabbi to back up their struggle against the members of the second faction of Satmar. They did not approve of the fact that the rabbi chose not to take a side in the conflict that stirred the Satmar Chassidim around the world.

Some of these individuals chose to make his life miserable because of this, and the niftar experienced some very difficult days.

satmar bnei brak

A Satmar chossid from Bnei Brak claims in a conversation with Kikar Shabbos News that a small handful of askanim identified with the administration of the mosdos persecuted Rabbi Katz, slandering him and excluded him from any role in the community. The report adds that when Rav Katz was lying on his deathbed, he shared with his family that the persecution he was going through was causing bodily harm, leading to his difficult medical condition.

But on Monday, an interesting scene took place in the cemetery where he is buried, located on Chazon Ish Street in Bnei Brak.

The forty Satmar Chassidim, including the prominent chassidim and elders of the community, went to the kever of their late rabbi in order to ask for his mechila in the name of all the members of the community. I like the recipe. Wait till he dies. Go to kever and ask for mechilah Assume this trick worked to perfection Feel like a tzaddik again.

Rinse hands at cemetery and repeat. I understood Chassidim are nohag not to disturb a nifta during the twelve months after he dies save to visit after the shiva and if there is no matzeva put up then, to go again on the shloshim when the matzeva is out up. Why are they bothering him now?

satmar bnei brak

Do they think after persecuting him in life he will be happy to see them in death? Pathetically ridiculous to read this hatreded comments over here. I agree we — Jewish nation — must all love every single Jew out there regardless of that other Jews background, differencesperspectives etc. Nobody is perfect! Please stop the hate! Stop the judgment! Who do you think drove Bobov, Kloisenberg etc out of Williamsburg.

They are arent to far behind what the erev rav did.

October 8, 2016

Buncha satmarer chayes asking for forgiveness. The fact, they went below their dignity personally asking for forgiveness is something to be Admired, not the other way around which brings nothing but hatred and negativity.

This has Nothing to do with defending Satmar. We all know that every tree has their good and rotten apples. Takestango At this point what is your alternative? What should Now be done other than asking for forgiveness? The are tremendous in Chesed etc. Again, to a stamp entire sect is extremely wrong!

To My opinion: I would agree with you wholeheartedly if the satmar rebbes themselves came out with a public letter condemning these bad apples.

satmar bnei brak

But fact is fact, they dud not come out. So long as the higherups are quiet, this whoke show is meaningless. Although I have a trimmed beard and no long Payos or any Payos behind the ears, my Great Grandfather was a big member of the original Divrei Yoel Satmar sect. When you say, and I quote, The are tremendous in Chesed etc. I must tell you what I once heard in Federal Court when a member of our community was pleading in front of a judge for leniency as he was about to be sentenced.

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People spoke about his tremendous charitable contributions.Bnei Brak, Israel — Two young men were lightly wounded in a brawl that broke out between two groups of youths in the Satmar yeshiva in Bnei Brak on Saturday night.

They do not believe in the government, yet they take money from the government.

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They do not believe in Hakaras Hatov, yet they walk in the streets paved by people who pay taxes, they live in a town with police who they do not pay. They live in a land that thousands of soldiers have died for, yet they can not say a misheberach in their yeshiva for their well being. Is it possible that they were outsiders who had a fight while in the satmar shul.

It does happen and sometimes it even happens on purpose. The negative comments are really sad lets just be quiet sometimes that helps. Who on earth told you that they take money from the government? They have as much right to live in EY as any other Jew. It belongs to every Jew, not to the government. Only when they started taking over did the Arabs start rioting and killing. This was always the taanah of the old Yishuv; they were there before the Zionists came and made trouble for them.

Who told you it was not connected to Zionism? When the pogrom started of course Begin was nowhere to be seen, but the fruits of his actions were there. Somehow, you manage to convince yourselves that zionism started in Look at what the Rashab writes in Kuntress umayan. Sorry, you are wrong. The riots were directly related to Zionism.

Why do you think the Arabs rioted then? Because suddenly they felt like it? It was because they were upset at Zionist attempts to take over the country; suddenly they saw the Jews as a threat. In other words, the Zionists made EY unsafe for all Jews. Who pays the policeman that protects them from theives? Who pays for the street lights that lighp up their way when they go home at night? Who pays the army who protects their lives? If they do noy pay taxes, then everyone else has to suffer and pay more.

You probably find that acceptable, as long as they count their dead every week and do not complain. You do not want the jews to defend themselves, you can not bear to say a tfilla to those who actually defend themselves AND defend you and you say that everyone else is stopping Moshiach from coming.Vizhnitz is the Yiddish name of Vyzhnytsiaa town in present-day Ukraine then, a village in Austrian Bukovina.

Followers of the rebbes of Vizhnitz are called Vizhnitzer Hasidim. Menachem Mendel Hager was born on May 17,in Kosiv. He was appointed Rebbe at the age of 24, and soon after, he moved to Vyzhnytsia, a small town close to Kosiv. As his reputation grew, so did his followers. He became known and admired for his charitable acts, sincerity in prayer, and love for Eretz Yisrael.

In his older years, he endeavored to emigrate there. His Torah thoughts were published under the title Tzemach Tzaddik. He died on October 18,and was buried in Vyzhnytsia.

satmar bnei brak

His son Reb Boruch took his place, becoming the second Rebbe of Vizhnitz. Boruch Hager was born in and was named after Rabbi Boruch of Medzhybizh at the behest of his grandfather, Yisroel Friedman of Ruzhyn.

Inaged 40, he inherited the mantle of leadership from his father, Menachem Mendel Hager, and became rebbe to thousands of Hasidim. He led them for only eight years until his death in His Torah thoughts were collected in Imrei Boruch by his son-in-law. Another son, Reb Sholom, died in his youth. Yisroel Hager was born on August 20, He was the first-born son of Rabbi Boruch Hager.

He married the daughter of Rabbi Meir Horowitz of Dzhikov. Inhe moved to his father-in-law's house and studied at great length with his brother-in-law Rabbi Yehoshua of Dzikov.

Three years later he returned to Vyzhnytsia and became very close to his grandfather, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Hager.

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In he was appointed as rebbe in Vyzhnytsia. The young rebbe invigorated the dynasty and attracted many more followers from the surrounding provinces. He established many Talmud Torahsand also a yeshiva, to which he appointed his son Rabbi Menachem Mendel as rosh yeshiva.

He lived there until his death on 2 June He also had six daughters. Disciples from pre-war Europe gathered around him, and formed a comprehensive net of educational and communal institutions. He became a spiritual mentor of the Agudas Yisrael party in the Israeli Knesset.

Agudas Yisrael won substantial government aid for Bnei Brak and affiliated communities, in return for its support in coalition governments.

Rebbe's death splits Satmar community

Their son is Hoshea Friedman.Like other Haredi JewsSatmar Hasidic Jews live in insular communities, separating themselves from contemporary secular society. In Hebrew, Hasidic Jews are known as Hasidim, a term derived from the Hebrew word "chesed," which means "loving kindness. The Hasidic movement began in Eastern Europe in the 18th century.

Over time, the Hasidism branched out into different groups, such as the Breslov, Skver, and Bobov, among others. The Satmar was one of these sects. Most sects of Hasidim wear slightly different versions of the traditional outfits to differentiate themselves from other sects. During the war, Teitelbaum spent time in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and later emigrated to the British Mandate of Palestine. The day Teitelbaum was released by the Nazis the 21st day of the Hebrew month of Kislev is considered to be a holiday by Satmar Hasidim.

As a result of financial difficulties, he traveled to New York to raise money for the seminaries. As the founding of the State of Israel was taking place, Teitelbaum's American followers convinced him to stay in New York.

Teitelbaum died of a heart attack inafter being in ill health for several years. Satmar opposition to the State of Israel is based on their belief that the creation of a Jewish State by Jews is blasphemy.

They believe the Jews should wait for God to send the Messiah to return the Jewish people to the land of Israel. Satmar Hasidism considers the ongoing unrest in Israel to be a result of Jews being "impatient" and not awaiting God's word. Despite their opposition to the Zionist State, Satmar Hasidim aim to protect the Holy Land from secularism and bloodshed.

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Many Satmar Hasidim visit and even live in Israel, and Teitelbaum himself visited numerous times. But Satmar Hasidim do not vote, pay taxes, accept benefits, serve in the armed forces or recognize the authority of the court in the state of Israel. Share Flipboard Email. By Lisa Katz. Updated February 17, Chaim Meisels, the great-grandson of one of two Satmar Rebbes who lay claim to the hasidic dynasty, was drafted into the IDF in after moving to Israel from the United States. In a Facebook post that has since gone viral in Israel, Meisels wrote about the long journey that took him from the insular Satmar community of his youth to the IDF.

My first visit to Israel was at the age of I discovered the State of Israel, a Jewish state. I did not yet know how it would affect me, but I felt that I had come home. Because I am the grandson of the Satmar Rebbe, and the community in which I grew up does not support Israel, I had no one to talk about it with. The only language I spoke at the time was Yiddish, and I could not communicate with the outside world like I wanted to.

When I returned to the United States a year later, I bought a phone with Internet we were not allowed to own one in a yeshivadecided to learn English, learn about Israel and a little about the world.

Meisels added that "at the age of 17, I realized that I wanted to leave the haredi world, but most of the people I knew who had left didn't succeed. The social gap and the language made it difficult for them to cope with a different kind of lifestyle.

I decided to turn to the Rebbe, to tell him that for years I was no longer Shabbat-observant. He explained that when I was married I could do more to help outside the yeshiva; I would be a freer person.

I passed the test and had a meeting with the girl while our parents were in the next room. I agreed to marry her after speaking to her for 50 minutes. We got engaged that night," Meisels recalled. Right after the wedding, I realized that I was not really with her. I would think about the State of Israel while she would think about what the Rebbe said," Meisel continued. I was happy, I was very excited, until slowly I began to think about what I had done.

How I was going to raise a haredi child in a world that I disagree with? In the end, I left. I parted from my wife and the community and most of my family left me. I started life from scratch and like a little child I learned how to dress in clothes that weren't black and whiteand how to talk to people.

I registered to immigrate to Israel, but after two meetings they told me that because I was 19, divorced plus one, I wasn't suitable for the army," wrote Meisels. They said that I had no chance," Meisels added. At first, a friend connected me to the Chayal El Chayal lone soldier support organization, and to the Michael Levine Lone Soldier Centerwho helped me out tremendously. After 3 months of basic training and the Hebrew course, I reached the Golani Brigade.

I made it into the Egoz special forces unit. I didn't tell anyone my story. I was deployed for a few months and went to IDF Officer School, where I learned for eight months how to be a professional officer.

I hope one day when she grows up, I'll be able to renew the relationship with her and explain to her why I had to leave her and immigrate to Israel. To explain to her that I chose a different way from what she knows. I chose a way in Judaism that is different from them - a Judaism in which establishing and defending the Jewish State is just as important as learning Torah," Meisels continued.

Next week, I'll be the platoon commander, and I'll invest everything I have in my soldiers. No matter what you say or who tells you - if you really want to be successful and willing to invest, you will eventually succeed," concluded Meisels. Chaim Meisels, then and now Facebook.


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